You’re Walcolm Black

I am forty-four years and ten months old. I was born in South Africa’s Eastern Cape in the heart of apartheid to liberal Afrikaans parents, even though I had an English surname. But at least it was Black. I’ve had a degenerative neurological condition my whole life. I wanted to write my life story because my perspective is so unique. I am a white African with a rare genetic disability and the surname Black. By the time I was 10 years old i could see that my one sibling also had this physical apparition. When i was a teenager I eventually was diagnosed and heard that there are a few others. As an adult I was lucky enough to be part of Africa’s first integrated-dance company.

Covid 19 was brought on by a big change in the planet’s atmosphere. In the last thirty years various covids have in certain places sprung up with bats because those fucks are especially sensitive like that. They get the Corona virus first. Then at meat-markets, like where people have bought meat for thousands of years, the virus jumps to a person. It happens when either some drunk idiot bites a live bat’s head off or when it jumps via an intermediate like with one of those pesky pangolins.

What would make it thrive globally? I believe the biggest forest-fires in history that all happened in the second half of 2019 in five corners of the globe (Amazon, Indonesia, Australia, California and the Arctic-circle) were orchestrated by a syndicate. Obviously a massive international one that is adept at arson. And luckily for the virus now at the end of 2020 there are new, even bigger, fires in California and the Arctic-forest-fires from a year ago is still burning!  It would have to be a covert and extremely cold-hearted collective. The amount of coordination involved would be staggering.

The only syndicate large enough and nefarious enough to do what Malcolm’s sick mind says they did is one that the United Nations have known and researched from twenty years before they were rendered useless in 2002 up until today. They call it state-capture; you might know it as: ‘It’s a hoax!’ And hoax-like it is. I secretly and unfortunately think it is planet-capture by the future. I believe it is led by an artificial entity with a massive SMARThorn; the hoax-rhino. Artificial but one that effects people very personally. This could be the start of a century of global-covids where by the end of it people will be gagging to go to Mars. By which time we would realize that not even through death can we leave Earth and that, to be or not to be, is indeed the fucking question.

Welcome to my autobiography of hope.

My friend Oz, who is proper aspiring author, read a fictional story that I had tried to write and told me that the only way an inexperienced writer who is unqualified (half-degrees don’t count) will get a book published is by writing an auto-biography. So you can blame him. I know I do.

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