My name is Malcolm Black. I am in my mid-forties and since I was four I had a gradual deterioration of my nervous-system. A condition that proved to be genetic. Very few people have Fredreich’s ataxia; 23 063 people in the whole world (pre-Covid). Another clinical-term for it is: that person has been, or is being, Fredataxed. And now, 2020, after thirty years of medical-research, people may, when referring to it, exclaim Frataxin 09 gone!! It is a permanent invisible influence on one’s body; the longing for Frataxin 09 right in your cells. I have come to believe that the same is happening with the entire world now; hi-jacked by something invisible; something that never stops growing. But where-as my influence is a giant lazy oaf; the world’s is an immense grand-master.

It’s got the whole world in Its hands.

It gets on my nerves when people say that these corona-times is like a refresh for nature. I believe that the largest amount of poaching this planet has ever seen is happening now. At least in terms of what’s left. It is a tough choice between which experiences are worse: koala bears burning, rhinos being poached, or Syrian families being bombed? I think the winners are the live rhinos getting horns chopped out of their faces with axes. I have become a negative Nancy. I am unsure whether I should hate me, but it’s fair to say that if you read my auto-biography you will.